Detectives For Undercover


Why should you hire an undercover detective for an investigation?

An undercover operation is conducted in cases of forgery, theft, frauds, illegal doings, kidnapping, cheating and many more cases. So, if you are struggling to know the truth about someone, you should hire an undercover detective to help you get to the truth.

Hiring an undercover detective is the best solution to get to the roots of an investigation. It helps finding things about the subject in a personal way. For example, if the subject is your husband we will hire a female undercover detective for the investigation. We will set up an entire structure which will help in the case like we will set up meetings between the subject and the undercover detective in restaurants and other public places.

We will see how your husband reacts when the undercover detective tries to get close to him, everything that they do will be recorded on cameras, video recorders, and audio recorders. Now imagine, if we would have done this investigation by observing the subject from a distance?

The Sleuths is a specialized agency in carrying out undercover detective operations in Vashi and Navi Mumbai in a highly discreet & professional manner. The best way to get personal information out of a subject is to get close to them in a real life. You can not send in your dear ones to befriend the subject because they might get caught, the subject might come to realize that there is something wrong or an investigation is being conducted on them